Introduction to port-Hamiltonian Systems (2024)

  • This self-contained Online Course is aimed at interested Master's and PhD students in engineering, mathematics or science who have a basic understanding of linear algebra and calculus.
  • Weekly lectures will be uploaded on Moodle starting 11.04.24.
  • To access the material you have to fill in the Course Registration
  • The lectures will be provided by Hannes Gernandt and Timo Reis (Ilmenau). The Exercises are organized by Julian Hölz.
  • After the lecture period, interested students are invited to work on small projects and attend a final symposium where you can meet international experts

Next Hybrid Lectures and Exercises

Usually we have a weekly meeting in Wuppertal on Wednesday, which you can also join via Zoom.

Lecture 1 (Introduction) (10.04.24, 10:15-11:45, Hs 8) Recording

Exercise Sheet 1 (17.04.24, 10:15-11:45, Hs 8)  

Lecture 2 (Introduction) (24.04.24, 10:15-11:45, Hs 8)  Recording

Lecture 3 & 4 (Solution theory) (02.05.24, 12:15-13:00, Hs 31, I.12.02) Recording

Lecture 5 (Stability) (08.05.24, 10:15-11:45, Hs 8)  Recording

Lecture 6 (Lyapunov and LaSalle) (15.05.24, 10:15-11:45, Hs 8)  Recording

Exercise 2: Thursday 16.05.24, 12-14 in Zoom

Lecture 7 (PH DAEs): Thursday 23.05.24, Recording

Lecture 8  (Nonlinear DAEs): Thursday 30.05.24, Recording

Exercise 3 (Stability): Wednesday 05.06.24, Hörsaal 8, G.15.03 in Wuppertal 10:15-11:45

Lecture 9 (Linear DAEs): Thursday 06.06.24 Recording

Lecture 10 (Passivity/Control): Wednesday 12.06.24, Recording

Lecture 11 (Geometry 1): Thursday 20.06.24, Recording 

Exercise 4 (DAEs): Wednesday 26.06.24, Upload of the Solutions

Lecture 12 (Geometry 2): Thursday 27.06.24, Recording

Lecture 13 (Circuits): Thursday 04.07.24, Recording

Lecture 14 (On Phase 2 and Phase 3): Thursday 11.07.24, Recording

Exercise 5 (Geometry): Wednesday 24.07.24, Upload of the Solutions

Project Phase (Aug 2024 to Nov 2024)

  • The project phase start 05.08.24  and end with the Symposium in Wuppertal from 03.12.- 06.12.24 where the topics of the projects will be presented and discussed.
  • To offer the participants a variety of projects, we particularly ask PhD students or senior researchers to propose projects based on their current research or interests on pH systems and to supervise a small group of students.
  • If you have an idea for a group project, then please upload a few lines of project description and the name of the coordinators and upload it in the Shared Folder until Wednesday 31th July 2024.
  • You also find a document with many suggestions for topics, LaTex-template, and an example project there.
  • Alternatively, you can join a project group based on your interests. A link for voting will be provided later.

Final Symposium (December 3rd - 6th 2024)

Participants of the Project Phase are invited to Wuppertal for a four days workshop where the project teams will present their findings and additional lectures will be delivered by leading experts.

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