Port-Hamiltonian Seminar

Monthly seminar, usually first Wednesday, 4 pm (CET)  via Zoom.

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The abstracts and slides of all previous talks  can be found on or here.

Next Talk

04.09.2024 - 4 pm (CEST) - Yann Le Gorrec (FEMTO-ST, Besançon)





Upcoming Talks

02.10.2024 - 4 pm (CEST) - Philipp Schulze (TU Berlin) 

06.11.2024 - 4 pm (CET) - Dorothée Normand-Cyrot (Laboratoire des Signaux et Systèmes, Paris)

Title: About a class of discrete-time and sampled-data Hamiltonian structures

Abstract: Port-Hamiltonian structures have a pervasive impact in numerous applied domains enlarging the more traditional mechanical one. While these structures are unequivocally characterized in the continuous-time domain, several descriptions are proposed in the literature when referring to discrete-time or sampled dynamics. In this talk we discuss a description of port-Hamiltonian structures in discrete time that makes reference to the notion of average passivity, introduced to deal with systems without throughput. Exploiting the average passivity property of these forms, we show how damping feedback and energy-based control strategies can be designed. Then, we investigate the sampled-data case and show how these forms set in discrete-time can be recovered under time-integration through modification of the interconnection and dissipation matrices characterizing the continuous-time dynamics. Some simulations are presented to illustrate analysis and control performances.

04.12.2024 - 4 pm (CET) - Timo Reis (TU Ilmenau) 

08.01.2025 - 4 pm (CET) - Claudia Totzeck (BU Wuppertal)

Previous Talks and Speakers

31.01.2024 - Volker Mehrmann (TU Berlin)   

Port-Hamiltonian systems: algebraic, geometric and operator theoretic representations

06.03.2024 - Denis Matignon (ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse) 

The  partitioned finite element method for port-Hamiltonian systems: a structure-preserving discretization for boundary controlled wave and heat PDEs.

03.04.2024 - Bernhard Maschke (U Lyon) 

The geometry of the state space of physical systems and the consequences on the definition of Port-Hamiltonian systems.

08.05.2024 - Paul Kotyczka (TU Munich)

Geometric integration and discrete-time port-Hamiltonian systems

31.05.2024 - Jacquelien Scherpen (U Groningen)

Contraction, regulation, trajectory tracking and coupled damping for classes of port-Hamiltonian systems

03.07.2024 - Silke Glas (U Twente)

Model Reduction on Manifolds: from a differential geometric formulation to data-driven realizations

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