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to the research group functional analysis

We welcome you to the pages of the Functional Analysis Group. We, a team of 15 persons, are pleased to present ourself, our teaching and research.

In research we focus on the functional analysis, as operator semigroups and partial differential equations. In particular we do research on control theory, port-Hamiltonian systems, long-term behavior of semigroups of positive operators and structure- and ergodic theory of dynamical systems.

We offer courses and seminars on these themes on a regular basis.

We organize several workshops and conferences together with other Universites each year. We are pleased to meet you on these occasions.


School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Work Group Functional Analysis

University of Wuppertal
Gaußstraße 20
D-42119 Wuppertal


Mrs. Kerstin Scheibler
Office: G.15.07
Phone: (0202) 439-2752
E-Mail: scheibler[at]

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