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Current projects

Deutsch-Französisches Doktorandenkolleg (Collège Doctoral Franco-Allemand): Port-Hamiltonian Systems: Modeling, Numerics and Control

The doctoral college (2022-2025) is aimed at PhD students from GermanyFrance and the Netherlands working on the development and application of structured, energy-based methods for modeling, numerical approximation and control of multiphysical systems. It provides an institutional framework for structured doctoral training, and promotes the mobility of young researchers by providing financial support for research stays in the partner countries.

Partners: Sören Hohmann (Karlsruhe), Birgit Jacob (Wuppertal), Paul Kotyczka (Munich), Yann Le Gorrec (Besançon), Bernhard Maschke (Lyon), Denis Matignon (Tolouse), Jacquelien Scherpen (Groningen), Hans Zwart (Twente).

Website: Port-Hamiltonian systems



ConFlex: Control of flexible structures and fluid-structure interactions (EU, MSCA-ITN-2017 - Innovative Training Networks)

The ConFlex consortium is funded by the H2020-MSCA-ITN programme (grant agreement No 765579). It aims to train next generation of researchers on the control of flexible structures and fluid-structure interactions, using and also contributing to the latest advances in control theory and energy-based modelling.

Partners are are located at 10 universities in Israel (Tel Aviv), the UK (Warwick, Imperial College, Exeter), France (University de France-Comte, Bordeaux), Spain (Madrid), Germany (Wuppertal (Birgit Jacob), Erlangen-Nuremberg) and The Netherlands (Twente)
Webpage: ConFlex



DFG-Sachbeihilfe: Compactness and decompositions in operator and ergodic theory

Principal investigator: Balint Farkas

Member: Hendrik Kreidler 



DFG-Sachbeihilfe: Evolution equations: input functions & stability 

Principal investigators: Birgit Jacob und Felix Schwenninger (U Twente) 

Member: René Hosfeld



DFG-ANR-Sachbeihilfe: INFIDHEM: Vernetzte unendlich-dimensionale Systeme für heterogene Medien

Principal investigators: Birgit Jacob, Boris Lohmann (Tu Munich) and Thomas Meurer (Kiel) 




DAAD-Tempus Foundation PPP Exchange Program with Hungary

Principal investigators: Balint Farkas and Matthias Ehrhardt (Wuppertal)

Partner: Petra Csomós, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.



DAAD-Tempus Foundation PPP Exchange Program with Hungary

Principal investigators: Balint Farkas

Partner: Szilárd Révész, Rényi Alfréd Institute of Mathematics, Budapest.



COST CA18232: Mathematical models for interacting dynamics on networks 
C0-semigroups and beyond

The purpose of this Action is to bring together leading groups in Europe working on a range of issues connected with modeling and analyzing mathematical models for dynamical systems on networks. It aims to develop a semigroup approach to various (non-)linear dynamical systems on networks as well as numerical methods based on modern variational methods and applying them to road traffic, biological systems, and further real-life models. The Action also explores the possibility of estimating solutions and long time behavior of these systems by collecting basic combinatorial information about underlying networks.


Previous Projects