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22nd Internetseminar - Ergodic Theorems

Virtual lectures by

Tanja Eisner // Leipzig

Balint Farkas // Wuppertal

Course description

We present some of the classical and more modern ergodic theorems and discuss connections to other areas of mathematics such as Fourier analysis and number theory.

The course is suitable for bachelor and master students with a firm background in functional analysis and measure theory. Interested PhD students might find it inspiring for their own research.

Course structure and dates

Course phase: October 2018-Februrary 2019
Weekly online lecturers (approx. 13-15).

Project phase: March-June 2019
Registered participants may apply for projects offered by the virtual lecturers and invited coordinators. Successful applicants will work on a project in an international team of 3-4 and prepare a talk of 60-120 minutes based on a research paper.

Workshop: 10-16 June 2019, Wuppertal
The prepared talks are to be presented at the final workshop.

It is possible to take part in the first phase only. 


Please register here until 19.10.2018.


Christian Budde // Wuppertal
Tanja Eisner // Leipzig
Balint Farkas // Wuppertal
Markus Haase // Kiel