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Plenary talks


  1. Piermarco Cannarsa (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy): Bilinear control for evolution equations
  2. Joachim Deutscher (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany): Robust cooperative output regulation for a heterogeneous network of hyperbolic ODE-PDE systems
  3. Emilia Fridman (Tel Aviv University, Israel):  Finite-dimensional observer-based control of parabolic PDEs
  4. Yann Le Gorrec (FEMTO UBFC, Besancon, France): Modelling and control of irreversible thermodynamic systems defined on a 1-dimensional spatial domain : the irreversible port Hamiltonian approach.
  5. Bernhard Haak (University of Bordeaux, France): Spectral conditions for admissibility and observability
  6. Maurice Heemels (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands): Hyperthermia Control for Enhanced Cancer Treatments
  7. Weiwei Hu (University of Georgia, USA):  Optimal Control Design for Fluid Mixing: from Open-Loop to Closed-Loop
  8. Mark Opmeer (University of Bath, UK): Lur'e systems, the Circle Criterion, and Input-to-State Stability
  9. Felix Schwenninger (University of Twente, The Netherlands & University of Hamburg, Germany): Factorization techniques for input-to-state stability
  10. Rafael Vazquez (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain): Estimation and Control of the Rijke Tube
  11. George Weiss (Tel Aviv University, Israel): Well-posed nonlinear systems
  12. Joseph Winkin (University of Namur, Belgium): The positive stabilization problem for infinite-dimensional linear systems
  13. Guchuan Zhu (Polytechnique Montreal, Canada): The Approximations of Lyapunov Functionals-Based Approach for ISS Analysis of Nonlinear PDEs


Interactive session contributions:


  1. Sallah Eddine Boutiah (University Ferhat Abbas Setif-1, Algeria): Second-order elliptic operators with polynomially growing coefficients
  2. Fabian Gabel (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany): Observability for non-autonomous systems
  3. Dennis Gallaun (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany): Sufficient criteria for stabilization properties in Banach spaces
  4. Hannes Gernandt (TU Berlin, Germany): Port-Hamiltonian DAEs in finite and infinite dimensions
  5. Ghislain Haine (ISAE-SUPAERO, Universite de Toulouse , France): Structure-Preserving Discretization of a Coupled Heat-Wave System: Long-Time Behaviour
  6. Anthony Hastir (University of Namur, Belgium): Local exponential stabilization of nonlinear distributed parameter systems
  7. René Hosfeld (University of Hamburg & University of Wuppertal, Germany): Integral input-to-state stability of unbounded bilinear control systems
  8. Jens Jäschke (University of Wuppertal, Germany): Port-Hamiltonian Formulation of 1D and 2D coupled heat transfer
  9. Karsten Kruse (Hamburg University of Technology): On equicontinuity and tightness of bi-continuous semigroups
  10. Francois Lamoline (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg): Passivity of innite-dimensional stochastic port-Hamiltonian systems subject to multiplicative and boundary input noise
  11. Martin Lazar (University of Dubrovnik, Croatia): Optimal control of parabolic equations - a spectral calculus based approach.
  12. Denis Matignon (ISAE-SUPAERO, University of Toulouse, France): Diusive representation of fractional dierential systems with applications to fluid-solid interaction and acoustics
  13. Andrii Mironchenko (University of Passau, Germany): Stability of infinite networks
  14. Lassi Paunonen (Tampere University, Finland): Non-uniform stability of damped contraction semigroups
  15. Nathanael Skrepek (University of Wuppertal, Germany): Stability of the multidimensional wave equation in port-Hamiltonian modelling
  16. Walid Zouhair (University Cadi Ayyad Faculty of Science Semlalia, Marocco): Impulse null approximate controllability for heat equation with dynamic boundary conditions
  17. Hans Zwart (University of Twente, The Netherlands): DAE's everywhere