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Friday 04.05.2018

9:00Vladimir MüllerCanonical decompositions of operators
10:00Bartosz FrejDoubly stochastic operators with zero entropy
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Henrik KreidlerA Gelfand-type theorem for dynamics on Banach bundles
11:30Sita SiewertOn the Spectral Mapping Theorem for dynamical Banach modules
12:00Manfred WolffLong-term analysis of positive operator semigroups via individual and uniform lower bounds
12:30Lunch Break
14:30Sophie GrivauxFourier coeffcients of continuous measures on the Furstenberg sequence
15:30Viktoria KühnerStability of Koopman semigroups vs. asymptotics of dynamical systems
16:00Coffee Break
16:30Uwe StroinskiA C0-Group Approach to Microeconomics
17:00Markus HaaseDisjointness and Quasi-Disjointness: an Operator Theoretic Approach
19:00Conference Dinner



Saturday 05.05.2018

9:00Cor KraaikampSurgery on Continued Fractions
10:00Marco PeruzzettoA corollary of the Baire Category Theorem and an application
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Ivan VeselicUniform Approximation of the integrated density of states on amenable groups
11:30Christoph SchumacherApproximation of the integrated density of states on sophic groups
12:00Tanja EisnerWeighted Ergodic Theorems
15:30Farewell/ Departure